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Today, We Are Showing You a Tool That Will Change the Way You Study


Following the same philosophy as UpSound, the UpMute is a “twist” on the normal practice mutes that are common today.

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Its system is far from what has been used so far — it incorporates resistance inside the mute, like the UpSound, which not only achieves a decibel reduction, but also forces us to blow more efficiently and relaxed, opening the glottis and playing with less effort. Therefore, it’s more than a practice mute, we can consider it a study tool.

Playing with the mute is very pleasant (you don’t have the feeling that the bell is plugged), allowing you to blow quite freely and play with different dynamics, almost as if it were a straight mute.

There is a large reduction in decibels, enough to play in any situation without disturbing anyone, even in an orchestra while the others are playing (which is great to warm-up on before a solo, after waiting for too many measures!).

With tuning, it’s fantastic by all accounts. It practically doesn’t change with respect to the trumpet. We have tested it by inserting the mute while playing, without stopping, and the change is imperceptible. Also, unlike many practice mutes, both the bass and treble are well-balanced. And, thanks to learning how to to play more relaxed, it’s the perfect tool for practicing and improving your performance in the most difficult of registers.

Made with the same resistant plastic which is found on the UpSound, it is dent proof and very light. The fastening system is a neoprene ring, which in addition to being elegant, is very practical, and it offers a good grip without over-tightening, with great durability.

Although it is larger in size than other practice mutes, it fits well into the trumpet bell on a B-flat and C, and can be carried in most cases with ease.

Aesthetically, it is very innovative and attractive. The base is ivory in color and contains the brand name in silk screen, which is also present on the neoprene (although it appears engraved instead of painted).

As you can see, it is a great tool that will surely delight all trumpeters!

The UpMute mute was presented at the 2019 Frankfurt Musikmesse.

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