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Roger Bobo’s Advice for Aspiring Tuba Players


If you play the tuba and are looking for advice from a great player, you can’t miss these ideas shared by Roger Bobo on Tuba Magazine. A sample of his method is included!

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Do you have any advice for aspiring tuba players?

Especially in today’s market — have a direction, have something that you’re going to perform that you’re working on. Work on the basics and maintain your playing. Be ready to take advantage of good luck should good luck come your way. It used to be that playing in a symphony orchestra was the “big crown,” but now there are 200 guys that audition for an orchestra position. When I auditioned for the L.A. Philharmonic, I went down to Paris and played for Zubin, and that’s an impossibility today. Another piece of advice that I don’t hesitate to give is having a backup vocation in mind or being inventive and creating your way of making music. A lot of students have done that and been very successful in their unique bands and genres. I also point out that teaching is a beautiful thing to do; it’s as gratifying as or more gratifying than playing.

What technical exercises and practice routines do you use exercises you recommend?

Mastering the Tuba — complete book by Roger Bobo. It’s mostly basics for either a high-level professional or a beginner, so they can develop and maintain the basics of playing. It’s like singer vocalizing — those kinds of exercises. It’s called Mastering the Tuba, but it works for trumpet, horn, or even trombone.

Full Interview: “Teaching Is as Gratifying as or More Gratifying than Playing”

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