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Jacqueline Wilson: “As a Teacher, I Want to Flip the Narrative and Say, ‘You Are a Musician. You Inherently Have Worth. What Is Your Individual Viewpoint or What Unique Path Are You Going to Carve for Yourself to Contribute to This Field?’”


This interview with Jacqueline Wilson, a seasoned musician and dedicated educator, provides a captivating journey through her musical evolution and pedagogical philosophy. Raised in Kennewick, Washington, Wilson’s initial affinity for the flute transformed into a passion for the bassoon, guided by influential mentors and a commitment to band dynamics.

Wilson’s teaching philosophy emerges as a focal point, emphasizing service and individualized mentorship. She encourages students to define their goals and challenges traditional markers of success. The interview explores the dynamic atmosphere at Washington State University, where Wilson imparts her wisdom to students of all levels.

Musical inspiration for Wilson extends beyond classical boundaries, with Kendrick Lamar notably influencing her artistic perspective. The interview details her unique approach to teaching, including practice techniques, warm-up routines, and recommended technique books. Wilson’s advocacy for expanding the bassoon repertoire is showcased, emphasizing lesser-known works like the Grandval Trio de Salon.

The narrative concludes with Wilson’s original composition, “Dance Suite for solo bassoon,” a poignant exploration inspired by Native North American pow wow dances. Through this interview, Jacqueline Wilson offers a rich tapestry of her musical narrative, teaching philosophy, and ongoing creative endeavors, providing valuable insights for both aspiring musicians and educators.

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