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Per Hannevold: “My Teacher at Juilliard Used to Say That the Best Advice Against Being Nervous Is to Know What You’re Doing”


This interview with renowned musician Per Hannevold provides a comprehensive exploration of his multifaceted musical career, spanning his formative years in a small town near Oslo to his diverse roles as a bassoonist, conductor, and educator. Hannevold’s musical journey commenced with the trumpet, trombone, and clarinet before discovering the unique allure of the bassoon. His early experiences navigating conflicting advice on instrument specialization led to an unconventional but fulfilling dual focus on both the bassoon and trombone during his military service.

The narrative delves into the parallel trajectories of Hannevold’s orchestral and chamber music careers, particularly his influential tenure with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bergen Wind Quintet. The interview highlights the group’s successes, including competition victories and collaborations, as well as the challenges faced after the loss of a key member. Hannevold also shares insights into his long-standing teaching role at the Grieg Academy, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to nurturing one student annually and fostering exceptional musical proficiency.

Additionally, the interview explores Hannevold’s unexpected foray into conducting, detailing his experiences working with notable figures such as Aldo Ceccato and Sergiu Celibidache. The artist reflects on the pivotal decision to prioritize his bassoon career over conducting, acknowledging the complexities involved in balancing these two passions. Further, Hannevold provides a glimpse into his involvement with the Aspen Music Festival, showcasing the serendipitous nature of his invitation and the subsequent decades-long association.

The interview concludes with Hannevold’s involvement in the creation and operation of the Nordic Bassoon Symposium, shedding light on the symposium’s international reach and the musician’s advocacy for the Fox bassoon. A captivating revelation emerges as Hannevold recounts his discovery of two well-preserved bassoons from the 1800s owned by Ole Bull, a prominent figure in Norwegian music history. The interview concludes with Hannevold’s advice for aspiring musicians, emphasizing the importance of discipline, continuous learning, and facing challenges head-on, drawing from his own experiences and the wisdom of his mentors.

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