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Jasmine Choi: “I Strongly Believe We’re Here to Help Each Other and Be Generous to Each Other”


This interview delves into the remarkable musical journey of renowned flutist Jasmine Choi. Hailing from a classical music lineage in South Korea, Choi’s upbringing was immersed in a familial tapestry of violinists, pianists, singers, and conductors. Despite the initial challenges of being separated from her family at a young age to pursue music seriously, Choi’s unwavering passion for the flute became the driving force behind her journey.

Choi’s dedication led her to the United States, where she faced trials and triumphs, ultimately earning a coveted spot at the Curtis Institute of Music. In discussing her musical influences, she emphasizes the importance of iconic exercises by Marcel Moyse and Taffanel and Gaubert in shaping her technical prowess. Choi shares insights into her instrument, a fourteen-carat gold handmade flute from David Straubinger, and a gold head joint from Song in Korea.

As a mentor on her YouTube channel, Choi addresses the insecurities of aspiring flutists, stressing the importance of patience, enjoyment, and embracing the daily grind of musical practice. Reflecting on her latest album, Choi explores the historical evolution of the flute and the revival of interest in the instrument, presenting her arrangements of works by Brahms, Schumann, and Reinecke.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Choi embarked on various projects, including the creation of a revolutionary flute case, a YouTube live streaming series for flutists, and the authorship of a comprehensive flute method book for beginners. Notably, she also initiated a platform to spotlight young musicians globally, aiming to offer them exposure and collaboration opportunities.

This interview provides a profound glimpse into Jasmine Choi’s multifaceted musical endeavors, from her early struggles and triumphs to her innovative projects aimed at enriching the global musical community. Her insights, rooted in a belief in mutual support among musicians, underscore the enduring power of music to connect and inspire.

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