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2nd “eiSAXional” on La Palma, Canary Islands


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The International Saxophone Meeting of La Palma has been held since December 2020 and has been making up for the absence of higher music education on the island.

In its first edition, saxophonists from all the Canary Islands met in Los Llanos de Aridane, enjoying several days of masterclasses, workshops and concerts with top performers such as Misato Hanawa, Kike Perdomo and Orestes de Armas.

Within the same framework of this Palmero meeting, a special event called “eiSAXional” was held in November 2021, bringing Hans de Jong as guest saxophonist with the City Band.

In December of the same year, the 2nd International Saxophone Meeting of La Palma took place, which initially had international soloists such as Fernando Ramos, Lev Pupis, Jovana Joka, and again Orestes de Armas, Kike Perdomo, Misato Hanawa.

However, as you may know, in September, the volcano of La Palma erupted (an eruption that lasted three months), so some of the activities of the 2nd Meeting could not be held.

The damage caused by the lava has been devastating. Many people have lost everything. So, following the spirit of this saxophonists’ Meeting — whose aim is not only musical training but also friendship and fraternity, the pending activities of the 2nd Meeting will be held as 2nd “eiSAXional” at the end of April 2022, and all the funds raised will go to those people affected by the eruption.

2nd eiSAXional (April 2022)

Guest Artists

  • KINETIXduo (Fernando Ramos, saxophone; Jeffery Davis, vibraphone)
  • Eccetera Saxophone Quartet (Laura Chittolina, soprano; Andrea Carrozzo, alto; Alessandra Zanon, tenor; Alessandro Leo, baritone)

Masterclasses and Rehearsals

From Friday, April 22nd at 5 pm until Sunday afternoon, April 24th, all students attending the “eiSAXional” will enjoy master classes with Fernando Ramos (KINETIXduo) and the members of the Eccetera Saxophone Quartet.

In addition, they will rehearse and be part of the large saxophone ensemble conducted by José Francisco Climent that will perform at the closing concert.

Special Activities

In addition to the masterclasses and rehearsals, the following special activities will be held:

Friday, April 22nd
8 pm — El Secadero Cultural Center
“Lost Traveller” concert (KINETIXduo)

Saturday, April 23rd
9:30 am – 2 pm
Introductory vibraphone masterclass with Jeffery Davis
4 pm – 8 pm
Interviews with the artists and filming for the documentary Solamente Sax by filmmaker Susanne Aernecke — which will be released worldwide.

Sunday, April 24th
12 pm — Antonio Gómez Felipe Park
“A Few Notes of Hope” closing concert (eiSAXional student and faculty ensemble)
8 pm — El Secadero Cultural Center
“Sax 4 La Palma” concert (Eccetera Saxophone Quartet)

How to Join the eiSAXional

Ideally, you should come in person to the 2nd eiSAXional of La Palma. You can register here: (free).

If your schedule does not allow you to be there, but you would still like to contribute to such a lovely cause, we encourage you to buy this beautiful solidarity T-shirt for only 15€:

Finally, although the event is free, there is a “Fila Zero” for donations for those affected by the volcano:

  • Bank name: Banco Sabadell
  • IBAN (account number): ES04 0081 0546 1900 0145 5355
  • BIC/SWIFT code (international transfers): BSABESBB or BSABESBBXXX
  • Beneficiary name: Asociación Cultural Encuentro de Saxofon La Palma
  • Reference: “Unas Notas de Esperanza”

You have no reason not to get involved somehow — let’s put the saxophone and music at the service of society!

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