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David Alonso: “I Live A Privileged Life Doing What I Love To Do”


This interview delves into the musical odyssey of David Alonso, a professional saxophonist whose passion for the instrument was ignited by childhood exposure to classical music. Alonso shares insights into his formative years, shedding light on pivotal moments that guided him toward a career as a saxophonist. Tracing his educational path from the Mestre Vert Conservatory to the Joaquín Rodrigo Conservatory, Alonso reflects on the influence of notable teachers and musicians such as María Amparo Madrid, Rafael Sanz-Espert, and Daniel Deffayet.

As a dedicated musician, Alonso emphasizes the significance of humility, respect, and gratitude in shaping both his personal and professional identity. His daily practice routine, encompassing diverse musical styles, attests to his commitment to honing technical prowess and artistic expression. Offering advice to students and teachers alike, Alonso advocates for a reflective, self-driven approach to musical education, fostering independence and continuous learning.

The interview explores Alonso’s perspectives on genre specialization, mouthpiece and saxophone selection criteria, and the delicate balance between personal and professional life. Touching upon performance experiences and coping with criticism, Alonso emphasizes the value of self-reflection and preparation in overcoming challenges on stage.

Alonso’s thoughts on handling performance anxiety and audition preparation provide valuable insights for aspiring musicians. In discussing his musical preferences, Alonso reveals a deep appreciation for classical, jazz, and contemporary genres, with a special affinity for the Romantic era. While he refrains from singling out a favorite composer or saxophonist, Alonso acknowledges the impact of figures like Daniel Deffayet and draws inspiration from an array of classical and jazz saxophonists.

In conclusion, the interview provides a multifaceted portrait of David Alonso’s musical journey, encapsulating his dedication to continuous learning, versatile practice routines, and a profound connection to the art of saxophone playing.

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