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Desmond Amos: “You Need to Take Criticism to Be Able to Play Better”


This interview with saxophonist Desmond Amos delves into the multifaceted journey of his saxophone career, tracing its origins from diverse musical influences to his rise as a prominent musician. Amos shares insights into his self-taught approach, drawing on internet resources to master the saxophone and his inspiration from renowned musicians such as Dave Koz and local artist Teza Sumendra. The interview explores the values shaping Amos as both a human and musician, emphasizing a commitment to delivering an unparalleled music listening experience. Addressing the daily practices of a jazz saxophonist, Amos advocates for exploring scales, modes, and continuous learning.

Amos provides valuable advice on ear development and improvisation, urging aspiring musicians to emulate their favorite saxophonists’ solos while cultivating a unique style. Delving into his preferences, Amos expresses a penchant for live concerts, detailing meticulous preparations for performances. Balancing personal and professional life through effective scheduling, Amos underscores the importance of privacy in relationships. Reflecting on educational choices, he suggests diverse paths for those seeking a career or playing for personal enjoyment.

The interview sheds light on Amos’s endorsed equipment, Yamaha saxophones, and JodyJazz mouthpieces, attributing their suitability to achieving his desired sound. Amos concludes by offering guidance to aspiring jazz enthusiasts, emphasizing the significance of enjoying the process despite inevitable challenges. The interview touches on Amos’s past on-stage challenges, the role of criticism in musical growth, and the prevalence of performance anxiety even among seasoned performers. Closing with advice for stepping onto the stage, Amos unveils his preferences for saxophone sonorities and colors, favorite jazz musicians, and pieces, providing a comprehensive view of his musical journey and preferences.

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