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Jan Gričar: “There Cannot Be a Good Relationship Between a Student and a Teacher if There Is No Trust Between Them”


This interview explores the musical journey of saxophonist Jan Gričar, from his roots in Slovenia to prestigious institutions in France. Gričar highlights influential mentors and the transformative experiences that shaped his artistic evolution.

The discussion turns to Gričar’s passion for teaching, emphasizing trust and chemistry between mentor and student. Gričar’s teaching philosophy centers on helping students discover their unique musical identities.

Gričar details his methodological preferences, focusing on sound, technique, and creativity to avoid routine. He shares insights into his daily saxophone routine and recommends specific exercises for embouchure enhancement.

The interview concludes with Gričar’s equipment choices and his recent shift towards flexibility. Prospective students can find him at the Ljubljana Conservatory, where he imparts reliability, responsibility, and honesty in his teaching approach.

Gričar’s parting advice encourages musicians to follow their paths, absorb knowledge, and become comprehensive musical personalities. The interview provides valuable insights for aspiring saxophonists and music enthusiasts.

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