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Jeffery Wilson: “Nothing Focuses the Practice Better Than Performance”


This interview with saxophonist Jeffery Wilson provides a comprehensive overview of his musical journey, from his early experiences with the clarinet and saxophone to his diverse musical education and professional accomplishments. Wilson shares insights into his formative years under the guidance of influential teachers, such as Gray Allard and Tony Coe, and highlights pivotal moments in his musical development, including his service in the British Army and studies at prestigious institutions like the Royal College of Music, Cambridge, and Paris.

The interview delves into Wilson’s extensive career as a performer, composer, and educator. Notably, he discusses his involvement in various musical ensembles, such as the Saxology Sax Quartet and the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, as well as his role as a Professor of Saxophone at the Royal Military School of Music and a Professor and Coordinator of Composition at Junior Guildhall. Wilson’s commitment to music education is evident as he shares his teaching philosophy, emphasizing a holistic approach that incorporates repertoire, analysis, performing experience, transcriptions, exercises, and critical listening.

Wilson’s teaching methods and daily saxophone routine are explored in detail, shedding light on his preference for a diverse range of exercises and the incorporation of performance-focused learning. The interview concludes with insights into Wilson’s choice of musical instruments and equipment, including his use of the lefreQue tonal enhancement tool.

Prospective students interested in studying with Jeffery Wilson can find him in his studio in Boreham, Essex, England. Wilson expresses a commitment to tailoring his teaching approach to individual needs, fostering a love for and delight in the art form. Throughout the interview, Wilson emphasizes the importance of students embracing the joy of making music with others, recognizing the intangible but invaluable gains derived from such experiences.

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