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Jim Gailloreto: “You Have to Get Really Great at Practicing to Become a Great Player”


This interview with saxophonist Jim Gailloreto explores his musical evolution, beginning with formative experiences in public school programs and influential band directors. Gailloreto’s college years, marked by exposure to diverse musical styles and mentorship from notable saxophonists, significantly shaped his artistic perspective.

A key focus is Gailloreto’s commitment to education, viewing it as integral to jazz’s continual evolution. He shares a three-tiered practice routine emphasizing scales, chord progressions, and jazz standards. Gailloreto’s choice of saxophones (Selmer Mark VI and Conn 10M) and mouthpieces reflects a dedication to classic equipment.

Details about Gailloreto’s teaching position at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, along with his contact information, are provided. His teaching style is characterized by flexibility, encouraging students to surpass basic curriculum expectations.

The interview concludes with Gailloreto addressing common challenges for young players and offering practical advice on effective practice strategies. His emphasis on agenda focus, patience, and mindful practice provides valuable insights for aspiring jazz musicians.

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