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Mario Marzi’s Highlights


We are thrilled to announce Sax Magazine’s Artist of the Month for June 2021: Mario Marzi. Enjoy the content we have developed with him.

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  • 1964: Born in San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy.
  • 1982: Began his artistic activity with the Italian Saxophone Ensemble (Italian Saxophone Quartet), with which he wins several chamber music competitions and performs over 1,000 concerts in different countries.
  • 1983: Graduated from the Pesaro Conservatory with Federico Mondelci with full marks. Orchestral debut under the direction of Riccardo Muti.
  • 1985: Completed postgraduate studies at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux with Jean-Marie Londeix, receiving the “Premier Prix et Medaille d’Or à l’Unanimité.” First Prize at the 8th International Competition of Musical Execution for wind instruments “Ancona Award.” First Prize at the “Città di Stresa” International Music Competition. Lecturer at the Conservatory of Brescia.
  • 1986: First Prize at the 6th National Competition for Young Musicians “Città di Corsico.”
  • 1987: Lecturer at the Perugia Conservatory. He founded the Baires ’87 Instrumental Group.
  • 1988: First Prize at the 3rd European Music Competition “Franz Schubert Prize” of Moncalieri.
  • 1989: First Prize at the 4th International Chamber Music Competition “Città di Caltanissetta.” Founded the Ensemble Strumentale Scaligero (double string and wind quintet).
  • 1990: Third Prize in the Chamber Music category (saxophone and piano duo with Paolo Zannini) at the National Piano Competition “Città di Trieste.” Appointed Professor at the Parma Conservatory.
  • 1991: Founded the Saxophones Ensemble “Hello Mr. Sax” (saxophone orchestra).
  • 1992: Gino Tani Music Award at the Teatro Sistina in Rome.
  • 1993: Appointed Professor at the Milan Conservatory.
  • 1999: Performed Berio’s Outis with the Symphony Orchestra of Teatro alla Scala in Milan.
  • 2005: Became a member of the Gerry Mulligan Foundation.
  • 2007: He began teaching activities within the program “El Sistema” (the Abreu project) in Caracas, Venezuela, under the input of Claudio Abbado.
  • 2009: Sky Classica dedicated to him an episode of the musical program Notevoli. Published his book Il Saxofono (Zecchini Editore). Released The Art of Saxophone (Arts) with the Symphony Orchestra of Milan Giuseppe Verdi (Hansjörg Schellenberger).
  • 2015: Released the album East Way (Limen) with All Directions (Trio Marzi, Zanchini, Zannini).
  • 2016: Joined the Stefano Ianne Project, with Stefano Ianne and Terl Bryant. Founded the Duo SBach with Achille Succi.
  • 2018: Joined the Giuliana Soscia Indo Project.

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