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Beginning today, has been renamed Sax Magazine. There is lots of news, so please read carefully:

Concerning Your User Account

If you had a user account in Saxplaying, you are still keeping it on Sax Magazine. If your password gives you an error, please reset it using the link provided.

If you had an active subscription, your subscription continues until its expiration date.

If you had ads published in the old marketplace, these were lost because Sax Magazine no longer has a marketplace.

Earn Extra Money From Home

Access the “My Blog” section of your account, click on the “Publish new post” button and write about whatever you want: personal musical projects, history, and technique of our instrument, whatever you prefer. We will only check that your post does not contain insults or defamations or violates any laws. For the rest, you are free to publish what you want (please remember that the more interesting topic you write about, the more visits you will likely acquire, and the more money you will earn).

In the “My Earnings” section of your account, you can check the visits of all your articles and the money you have accumulated, as well as claiming your earnings (although you can only collect the money if you are a subscriber).


From now on, the video lessons are free. To view them, you have to be a subscriber (as is already the case with all the website contents)—no extra charges.

We have a total of 58 lessons by great classical and jazz players, for a total of 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 8 seconds of instruction.


From now on, Articles will be managed through the International Journal of Music. They will go through an editorial filter with Dr. Arthur Zanin as editor-in-chief and Mr. Eric Anderson, the managing editor. As stated, this will be exclusive content for subscribers only.

Interviews and Videos will also remain as exclusive content for subscribers.


Subscriptions to Sax Magazine are managed by the International Journal of Music.

The individual subscription has an approximate cost of only $1.66 per month (an annual payment of $19.99), and you can choose to renew every year if you wish automatically.

There are also academic subscriptions for schools, a subscription that your school pays, which covers all its students and teachers, all at the same time. It costs approximately $8.33 per month ($100 annual payment), but discounts and special offers are available. Tell your teacher or librarian to contact us for more information.

Besides, we periodically distribute gift coupons to our partners and sponsors. If you ever get a coupon but already have an active subscription, you can still use it during your renewal.

You still have an additional option to get your Sax Magazine subscription-free—by writing a blog and earn money from the visits your posts receive.

Finally, you can contact us through the contact form on our website. Please keep in mind that our technical support gives priority to subscribers when responding due to the high volume of inquiries we usually receive.

Enjoy Sax Magazine, the magazine for saxophone players!

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