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The 3 Best Selling Saxophones for €2,200-2,500


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If you need an alto saxophone and are willing to invest between 2,200 and 2,500 euros, then we tell you which alto saxes are in the most demand in Spain and their characteristics. Let’s go!

In 1st place (how could it be otherwise):

Yamaha YAS-62 04

The 4th and improved version of the old Classic 62 was a revolution in the saxophone market. It belongs to the professional Yamaha series and is a versatile instrument that can be used in any genre, from classical to jazz or rock.

One of its peculiarities is its neck: the Yamaha G1. This neck is a breakthrough in design, improving the saxophone’s response and increasing the feeling of flexibility. Other peculiarities are the brace that joins it with the instrument’s body and adds harmonic richness to the sound, thus beautifying its timbre.

Yamaha has also applied other additional technological improvements to its YAS-62 04 (for example, in the mechanism connecting B and C#), in addition to the fully tempered body, which helps produce a more intense sound.

Many saxophonists, like the great Dave Koz, use this model.

And the best thing about Yamaha is its evident manufacturing quality and its reliability. When you need spare parts, you have them at your disposal right away (looking for spare parts for other brands can sometimes be a nightmare).

Price: €2,195.00 [Learn more]

In 2nd, we have:

Yanagisawa A-W01

This is another perfect sax for a serious musician with a long-term goal. Its construction is excellent, from one end to the other, both inside and out. It is a tough instrument but also easy to use and designed with comfort in mind.

Some features of the A-W01 are the reset angle in the right pinky keys (for softer fingering), its metal resonator (which gives the saxophone a lighter sound, whatever the register or volume you play), and its blue steel springs (more resistant than stainless steel).

Yanagisawa offers more incredible speed between the C# and B-flat with its tilting mechanism, in addition to having the keys doubly connected (as is the case with the C# and B).

Price: €2,495.00 [Learn more]

And last but not least:

Selmer SeleS Axos

SeleS is the new brand that Selmer house made to complete its saxophone lineup, always keeping with the values ​​that it has promoted since its foundation in 1885 but adapting to different budgets. In doing this, Selmer assumed a real challenge by investing in research to manufacture high-quality instruments at an acceptable cost. And this is how SeleS was born.

The SeleS Axos, which is the model in question here, has been made since 2014 at the same Selmer factory in Mantes-la-Ville (France) and the well-known Selmer Series II and Series III models.

In the SeleS Axos, the post soldering is made by hand, so the whole body resonates appropriately. The mechanism is highly reliable, and it’s designed to play comfortably. Claude Delangle is fascinated with this instrument and has said that it maintains all the characteristics of an authentic Selmer: the richness of sound and projection.

Price: €2,401.10 [Learn more]

If you think of buying a quality saxophone at a reasonable price, these are three good options from 3 different brands.

We always advise people to go to a store where they can give you the best-personalized service. In Spain, we particularly recommend Sanganxa Music Store. Why? Because you will not only find reasonable prices, but you will also enjoy an excellent after-sales service. Think about it: what is better? Maybe saving some euros at the time of purchase, or having the ability to be calm knowing your instrument will be taken care of if you have any problems?

Also, Sanganxa doesn’t just carry Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Selmer, but it also brings many other great brands of saxes that you usually don’t see together in one place.

So, make an appointment for any of Sanganxa’s four stores; try and get tired of testing all the saxes and necks while in a quiet, soundproof room. In the end, if you decide to keep one, you can comfortably pay in installments, and they will give you a newly tuned instrument from their workshop. They also offer a free 3-month review of your instrument, plus a 50% discount on repairs that do not cover the saxophone warranty two years after the purchase. You can not ask for more.

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