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Interview with Timothy McAllister, Part 2 — “The Spirit of Collaboration”


In this insightful and expansive interview with musician Timothy McAllister, Part 2 delves into his innovative approach to music, particularly his extensive experience premiering over 250 contemporary pieces. McAllister emphasizes the importance of collaboration and early engagement with composers, shedding light on the dynamic relationships between performers and creators. His trajectory in championing new works led to heightened visibility, establishing him as a go-to contemporary saxophonist. McAllister discusses the intricacies of collaborating with composers, offering a nuanced perspective on the diverse nature of these partnerships.

The conversation shifts to McAllister’s exploration of different saxophones, notably the tenor saxophone featured in Andy Scott’s “Westland.” Reflecting on his evolution as a musician, McAllister candidly shares his shift from an avant-garde phase to an appreciation for traditional and melodic music, embracing a holistic approach to his craft. Touching upon his role in the PRISM Quartet, McAllister elucidates on the challenges of maintaining a prolific and geographically dispersed ensemble, highlighting their organizational efficiency and adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a powerful revelation, McAllister discusses his commitment to elevating underrepresented voices in classical music, sharing details about his Project Encore, an album featuring diverse composers. Acknowledging the changing landscape of audience preferences, he emphasizes the importance of short, impactful pieces in a world inundated with quick consumption. The interview concludes with McAllister’s thoughts on the burden and accountability in classical performance, addressing imposter syndrome and the challenges inherent in proving the saxophone’s worth on the classical stage.

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