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Tom Snydacker: “The Sky Is the Limit for What Students Can Achieve”


This interview with saxophonist Tom Snydacker delves into the multifaceted aspects of his musical journey and professional career. It begins by exploring his early attraction to the saxophone, tracing back to his fifth-grade decision influenced by cultural perceptions and popular media.

Snydacker narrates his progression from a novice to an accomplished saxophonist, highlighting pivotal moments in his childhood that fueled his passion for practice and continuous improvement. The interview provides an overview of Snydacker’s educational background, emphasizing influential teachers such as Eugene Rousseau, Timothy McAllister, and the diverse array of musicians who have shaped his artistic trajectory.

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around his dynamic professional life, wherein he balances roles as an educator and freelance musician. Snydacker shares insights into his daily practice routine, emphasizing the importance of diverse exercises, repertoire exploration, and the perpetual pursuit of improvement. The interview extends into Snydacker’s perspectives on maintaining a work-life balance, offering advice to both students and educators on fundamental saxophone playing, diverse musical exploration, and the significance of developing strong foundations. Snydacker addresses the inevitability of challenging performances and the constructive approach to handling criticism.

The interview concludes with reflections on performance anxiety, audition preparation, and Snydacker’s eclectic musical taste, showcasing his openness to various genres and his identification with the rich history of the saxophone.

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