Institutional access

Coming from an educational institution? Get full access to the International Journal of Music for your faculty, staff members and entire student population.

The International Journal of Music is an affordable, high-quality complement to educational institutions’ libraries, providing their music students with access to hundreds of materials – including articles, interviews, videos, and lessons – that will inspire and give them a deeper insight into leading performers from around the world. At the same time, it enables teachers to incorporate valuable scholarly content into their classes.

As an electronic resource, it allows participating libraries to free up physical space and reduce the costs associated with storing collections, thus significantly improving access to information.

The content is always available, with on-campus and off-campus access via IP authentication.

Encourage your librarian to subscribe to the International Journal of Music!

Guidelines for librarians

How to subscribe

The International Journal of Music partners with the following subscription agents:

Order the International Journal of Music through the subscription agent your institution works with.

If your subscription agent is not one of the above, please let us know at

Setting up remote access

  1. Make sure we know the IP ranges of your institution.
  2. For this resource to work with your proxy, tell your IT staff to add the Title and URL: International Journal of Music –
  3. Test access from an off-campus Internet connection to confirm that it works.
  4. Include this resource in your database and/or A-Z List for students and faculty to access.


The International Journal of Music does not issue or require the agreement of a formal license for institutional access to its content. In the absence of a separate license agreement, the IJM follows the SERU guidelines.

Download the IJM SERU License Agreement [PDF – 178 kb].

Use of the IJM content by those entitled to access by their relationship with a participating institution should read the terms of use for individuals.

Guidelines for students and faculty

How to log in from off-campus

Option 1: Log in from your library’s website.

Your school’s library website may have an off-campus login link. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your school’s library website.
  2. Search for words like “Databases, A-Z List, eResources, Off-Campus Access,” or something similar.
  3. If they subscribe to the IJM, you will be able to click on the link to the International Journal of Music on your library’s website.
  4. A window should pop up that allows you to log in with your university-issued username and password (the username and password your school gave you to access online courses and school email).

Note: Not sure what your university credentials are? They are usually the username and password you use to check your university email or access your courses. If you still can’t log in, check with your school’s library or IT department to make sure you are using the correct login information.

Option 2: Other access methods.

You are having trouble figuring out how to access the International Journal of Music, even after reviewing the steps above? Talk to your librarian. Your librarian is an excellent source for making sure you find the resources you need as quickly as possible, and they often have the most up-to-date information on how to log in from off-campus.

Automatic access on-campus

If you are on your university campus, you may already be connected to the International Journal of Music. Here’s how to check:

  1. Access any item in this site.
  2. If a new page with whole content appears, it means that you are already connected through your university and can access all the content.
  3. If the above does not happen, but you are on campus, contact your library for the fastest solution to access the resources.
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