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David Starobin: “I Rebelled Against the Model”


This interview with acclaimed musician David Starobin delves into his recent release of Wenzel Thomas Matiegka’s guitar compositions, shedding light on the challenges and rewards of bringing lesser-known works to the forefront. Starobin discusses his lifelong fascination with 19th-century music, his preference for Viennese-style guitars, and the unique challenges posed by Matiegka’s compositions, particularly in their left-hand intricacies.

The conversation explores Starobin’s distinctive approach to his career, emphasizing his rebellion against conventional norms, especially the influence of Andrés Segovia, and his commitment to introducing new composers to the guitar repertoire. As both a performer and a producer at Bridge Records, Starobin reflects on the significance of recording in authentic acoustic environments and shares insights into his collaboration with Curtis Institute of Music, where he works closely with fellow guitarist Jason Vieaux.

Additionally, Starobin offers personal and professional advice, highlighting the importance of finding a balance between family life and a musical career. He touches upon his preference for live rooms over dry recording spaces, details his choice of the Hauser Viennese model guitar for recording, and gives a glimpse into his multifaceted interests beyond music, such as writing, film-making, and a passion for culinary experiences. The interview provides a comprehensive view of David Starobin’s musical journey, philosophy, and contributions to the world of classical guitar.

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