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Cordelia Höfer: “Studying Music Is a Lifelong Process of Learning”


This interview provides a captivating journey through the illustrious career of Cordelia Höfer, a distinguished musician and piano professor at the renowned Salzburg Mozarteum. Höfer shares her experiences, spanning nearly four decades at the Mozarteum, from her early days as an accompanist to her current role as a piano professor.

The narrative weaves through pivotal moments in Höfer’s life, including a serendipitous decision to decline a Fulbright Scholarship in favor of a Mozarteum position, allowing her to collaborate with eminent musicians such as Sándor Végh and Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Her transition to a piano professorship, her teaching philosophy, and insights into the Mozarteum’s curriculum are elucidated, shedding light on the institution’s commitment to nurturing both soloist and pedagogue trajectories.

Höfer reflects on her formative years, studying under luminaries like Wilhelm Kempff, Tatiana Nikolayewa, and Elisabeth Leonskaja. These encounters not only enriched her artistic prowess but also bestowed upon her profound insights, shaping her interpretative approach.

The interview delves into Höfer’s multifaceted career, exploring her role as the pianist in residence for the Philharmonic Salon of the Berlin Philharmonic. This longstanding collaboration has produced thematic concerts, revealing her commitment to diverse repertoire and the joy she finds in chamber music.

Intricacies of Viennese Classical interpretation, particularly Mozart, are unveiled as Höfer shares her insights. Influences from the Viennese dialect, experiences with Harnoncourt and Végh, and her ongoing quest for the ideal balance in classical style illuminate her dedication to refining interpretations.

As the interview concludes, Höfer’s familial link to the Mozart lineage is revealed, offering a personal connection to the musical legacy she passionately upholds. Through her narrative, Cordelia Höfer emerges not only as an accomplished musician and educator but also as a guardian of musical heritage, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences and insights.

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