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Andrej Kurti: “I Like Challenges Because I Know if I Take the Challenge, I’ll Get Better if I Succeed at the End of the Day. Plus, It Builds Character in Life”


This interview delves into the life and musical journey of Andrej Kurti, a highly accomplished violinist with a diverse range of musical experiences. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Kurti’s passion for the violin was ignited at a young age, eventually leading him to the renowned Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and later to the University of Georgia in the United States, where he pursued his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in performance.

Kurti’s musical exploration extends beyond classical realms, as he seamlessly transitions between classical and rock genres. The interview explores his unique ability to navigate both worlds, showcasing his proficiency not only as a classical virtuoso but also as a skilled electric violinist. Kurti shares insights into his extensive recording experience, having contributed to over 50 albums of pop music, demonstrating his versatility and love for various musical styles.

An advocate for challenging musical endeavors, Kurti discusses his recent recording of Paganini’s Twenty-Four Caprices for Solo Violin, a monumental project that adds to his list of remarkable achievements. Reflecting on his performance of challenging pieces, such as Bach’s Chaconne and Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, Kurti emphasizes the spiritual and emotional connection he seeks to establish with audiences worldwide.

The interview sheds light on Kurti’s favorite performance venues, including Carnegie Hall, and his appreciation for the artistic ambiance in places like Italy. Throughout the conversation, Kurti offers valuable advice to aspiring violinists, emphasizing patience, consistent practice, and the transformation of weaknesses into strengths.

In essence, Andrej Kurti emerges as a violinist of remarkable talent and versatility, seamlessly bridging classical and rock genres while sharing his passion and wisdom with aspiring musicians.

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