Joel Dallow and The Cello Sherpa Podcast

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Having a teaching position at Georgia State University, we understand that you decided to leave last year to pursue your own path as a coach, launching your website and even a podcast that has become very famous. What can you tell us about all this?

When things came to a grinding halt in March of 2020, many of us, particularly in the arts, were forced to look at our profession and reflect on how we allocate our time. I made the decision to leave my teaching position at Georgia State University and focus on teaching middle and high school students, preparing students for college auditions, and coaching young professionals on the orchestral repertoire with an eye towards landing a professional job. With this in mind, I launched my website and in March 2021, launched the inaugural episode of “The Cello Sherpa Podcast” with an interview of world-renowned cellist Steven Isserlis.

This podcast is for anyone who enjoys the tales and scales in the life of a classical musician or for the young musician who dreams big. We cover the journey from intermediate musician to the professional stage through interviews with experts across all aspects of this challenging profession. It’s not just for cellists but for anyone seeking access to the information generously shared by highly successful soloists, orchestral musicians, professors, conductors, composers, freelancers, arts administrators, and many more to come. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and all the other places you get your podcasts.

Full Interview: “You Should Not Pursue a Career in Music Unless You Can’t Imagine Yourself Doing Anything Else”
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