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Guy Touvron: “We Need to Enrich Ourselves Culturally as Much as Possible to Be Able to Convey Emotion in Our Performance”


This interview with renowned trumpeter Guy Touvron provides valuable insights into his journey as a professional musician. Touvron candidly discusses his early inspiration for choosing the trumpet, his formative years of study under influential teachers such as Maurice André, and the diverse musical influences that have shaped his artistry. The interview delves into Touvron’s daily practice routine, emphasizing the importance of flexibility studies and the balance of rest during practice sessions.

Touvron’s reflections on approaching new pieces reveal a deep commitment to understanding the composer’s intentions and conveying a narrative through the trumpet. As a teacher, he emphasizes instilling confidence in students and fostering a genuine pleasure in playing the instrument. Touvron advocates for a broad musical education, encouraging students to explore multiple genres beyond their primary focus.

The discussion also touches on Touvron’s criteria for selecting mouthpieces and trumpets, underlining the significance of comfort, sound quality, and articulation. Throughout the interview, Touvron offers valuable advice for both aspiring musicians and educators, stressing the importance of cultural enrichment and a well-rounded approach to life for conveying emotion in performance.

Touvron’s honesty about his own experiences, including stage anxiety and learning to play authentically, adds a personal touch to the interview. His final thoughts on auditions, preparation rituals, and the role of emotion in music provide practical insights for musicians at all stages of their careers.

In summary, this interview captures Guy Touvron’s wisdom and philosophy as a seasoned trumpeter, teacher, and advocate for a holistic approach to music and life.

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