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James Morrison: “If You’re Studying Too Many Things That You Don’t Love, Then You Will Find It All Too Much Work”


This interview with renowned trumpeter James Morrison unveils his musical evolution, from discovering the trumpet’s allure at seven to his unconventional practice methods. Morrison’s early nightclub performances and his unique approach to learning from diverse musicians highlight his distinct musical philosophy.

Revealing his preference for mental preparation over structured practice, Morrison emphasizes the subconscious assimilation of music. He shares insights into his fitness regimen on the road, emphasizing the importance of tapping into one’s full potential.

Morrison’s teaching philosophy centers on understanding individual learning styles, while his performance ethos prioritizes communication and emotional expression. Genre exploration, instrument selection, and advice for aspiring musicians underscore his passion-driven approach.

Dismissive of performance anxiety, Morrison advises audition candidates to showcase competence and genuine enthusiasm. His eclectic musical preferences, ranging from classical to jazz, reflect a broad musical appreciation.

In a poignant conclusion, Morrison cites Dizzy Gillespie as his favored trumpet player and asserts that his favorite trumpet piece is whatever he is playing at the moment, encapsulating the dynamic and personal nature of his musical journey.

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