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Jason Evans: “As an Orchestral Trumpet Player, a Consistent Airflow Is Key”


This interview with renowned trumpeter Jason Evans provides a comprehensive overview of his musical journey, from early experiences as a trumpeter in the Isle of Man to his current position as principal trumpet of the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. Evans reflects on influential teachers, pivotal moments in his career, and the continuous learning inherent in the life of a professional trumpet player.

Evans delves into his practice and teaching methods, highlighting the significance of exercises from Rolf Quinque’s ASA Methode in shaping his playing style. The interview provides insights into Evans’ daily trumpet routine, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a consistent airflow and sound quality throughout practice sessions.

Equipment preferences, including the use of Bach trumpets and mouthpieces, are explored, with Evans detailing his specific trumpet setups and the influence of experts like Will Spencer in guiding his equipment choices.

As a dedicated educator, Evans discusses his teaching philosophy, encouraging an open-minded approach from students while addressing common challenges, such as the misconception about the role of the tongue in producing sound. He shares details about his current teaching positions at the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The interview concludes with Evans generously sharing an exercise from the Rolf Quinque ASA Methode, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to articulation changes for enhanced effectiveness. Overall, Jason Evans provides valuable insights into his musical journey, teaching approach, and the principles that underpin his trumpet playing.

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