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Kevin Paul: “Things Happen in Unexpected Ways, so Have Fun and Keep At It Until a Door Opens Up”


This interview with Kevin Paul, a prominent musician and member of the U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” provides a comprehensive overview of his musical journey, professional experiences, and contributions to the field. Paul, originally from Los Angeles, shares insights into his training at the Manhattan School of Music and Columbia University, highlighting the diverse mentors who have shaped his career. As the Acting Principal Trumpet with the China National Symphony and a member of prestigious military bands, Paul describes his role in ceremonial events, such as playing fanfares for the President of the United States and performing at Arlington Cemetery.

Additionally, Paul delves into his involvement in chamber music programs, collaborations with renowned musicians, and the establishment of the Army Trumpet Ensemble. He emphasizes the ensemble’s dual purpose as both an artistic venture and a recruitment tool for the U.S. Army. Furthermore, Paul discusses his initiative,, a resource aiding musicians in navigating military band auditions and understanding the intricacies of the recruitment process.

The interview sheds light on the challenges and distinctions between playing in orchestras and military bands, illustrating how Paul’s experiences have shaped his versatile approach to musical performance. He also provides valuable advice for aspiring musicians considering a career in military bands, emphasizing the importance of taking auditions and maintaining an open-minded attitude towards diverse musical opportunities. Throughout the interview, Paul shares personal anecdotes, adding a human touch to his remarkable musical journey and underscoring the profound impact of music in ceremonial and commemorative contexts.

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