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Derek Brown: “You Have to Play Music Because You Love It and Because It’s Challenging, and You Have to Stay Healthy Doing It”


This interview with musician Derek Brown explores his unconventional journey with the saxophone, marked by a shift towards unique techniques and beatboxing integration. Brown recounts his initial resistance to music, his realization of the need for individuality in a saturated industry, and the transformative moment that led him to redefine his approach to playing the saxophone. The interview delves into Brown’s fascination with beatbox, rhythm, and pop music, shedding light on his creative process and the amalgamation of diverse influences. Brown emphasizes the importance of exploring various instruments for creative growth and highlights the role of experimentation and mistakes in shaping his extended techniques.

The discussion extends to the physical demands of Brown’s performances and the challenges musicians face in maintaining longevity in their careers. Brown candidly shares his experiences dealing with physical strain and the adjustments he made to safeguard his health while pushing the boundaries of saxophone playing. Moreover, the interview touches on the contemporary landscape of music careers, addressing the dual nature of accessible technology and increased competition. Brown offers insights into the essential qualities for a successful musical career, emphasizing authenticity, sustained enjoyment, and continuous self-improvement.

In providing advice to aspiring musicians, Brown encourages a balance between pursuing passion and practicality, suggesting that maintaining other interests and a steady income can alleviate the pressures associated with a fledgling music career. The interview concludes with Brown’s reflections on the evolving music industry and the significance of genuine connection between musicians and their audience.

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