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Three Unpublished Recordings by Nelson Goerner


Unpublished recordings by a twenty-one-year-old Nelson Goerner of the Hammerklavier Sonata (Beethoven), the Three Movements of Petrushka (Stravinsky), and the Arabesques on the Blue Danube (Schulz-Evler).

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We are delighted to receive and share exclusively with you these previously unreleased recordings by Nelson Goerner during his graduation recital from the Diplôme de virtuosité at the Haute école de musique in Geneva (Switzerland), where he studied with Maria Tipo and where he has been Professor of Piano since 2006.

These are three home recordings in which we can appreciate a 22-year-old Nelson Goerner performing for the first time Beethoven’s colossal Piano Sonata No. 29 in Bb major, Op. 106, Hammerklavier, a shining Stravinsky’s Three Movements from Petrushka, and Schulz-Evler’s Arabesques on Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz.


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