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György Sebők: Pedagogical Highlights From a Master


György Sebők, a distinguished pedagogue of the 20th century, profoundly influenced my artistic development, leaving an indelible mark on my understanding of music. Despite lacking a specific method, Sebők possessed a remarkable ability to discern a student’s personality, motivation, and fears. His eloquence and insight, demonstrated in masterclasses like those at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Gravenhage in 1987, showcased a teaching approach grounded in serenity and memorable phrases that encapsulated his beliefs. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth prompted this tribute, delving into the nuances of his teaching style.

The document is structured around three sections, with a focus on Sebők’s interactions with pianist Ellen Corver. Examining Sebők’s qualities, including his eloquence through metaphors and gestures, the first section lays the groundwork for understanding his teaching style. The second section delves into Sebők’s approach to perspective, urging students to question their interpretations. The third section explores the ongoing process of selecting one’s approach, encouraging experimentation and self-awareness in the pursuit of individuality and decision-making.

Insights gleaned from Sebők’s teachings are vividly illustrated through masterclass transcripts, emphasizing the importance of embodying music cognition. The document highlights Sebők’s attention to posture, body language, and the kinesthetic experience of playing, providing a window into his pedagogical methods. His commitment to boosting students’ confidence and enhancing their learning experience through positive feedback is evident. The concluding section encapsulates Sebők’s teachings, emphasizing the transformative nature of musical ecstasy and the role of external means in achieving heightened performance states.

In conclusion, this tribute to György Sebők’s masterclasses unveils the enduring impact of his unique pedagogical approach. By examining his teachings and interactions with students like Ellen Corver, the document sheds light on Sebők’s ability to foster individuality, encourage experimentation, and instill a profound understanding of music. His legacy lives on, resonating with artists and educators alike, shaping the landscape of musical education and underscoring the timeless relevance of his teachings in the centennial year of his birth.

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