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Wendy Law: “It’s Good to Show People That I’m Not Perfect and That I’m Still Learning and Growing. That’s What Music Should Be About”


This interview delves into the multifaceted career trajectory of musician Wendy Law, whose musical journey unfolds against the backdrop of Boston’s rich cello tradition. Trained at the New England Conservatory and Juilliard, Law initially aspired to emulate her idol, Yo-Yo Ma, but a nuanced realization prompted her to carve a distinct path. Disillusioned with conventional notions of success, she founded Classical Jam, an ensemble, and immersed herself in audience development, arts advocacy, and education.

Law’s narrative extends beyond conventional concert halls as she shares her unexpected foray into the digital realm. A beauty guru on YouTube with a concealed identity in classical music circles, Law later transitioned to leveraging social media platforms for classical music advocacy. The interview chronicles how the pandemic compelled her to pivot online, sharing tutorials and performances, thus surviving the challenging period by merging her musical prowess with digital outreach.

The interview concludes with a glimpse into Law’s daily routine, blending meditation, gratitude journaling, and an unconventional to-do list. Balancing cruise ship performances, collaboration with arrangers, video production, and teaching, Law provides insights into her dynamic schedule. The interview closes with a tantalizing teaser for Law’s upcoming project—a digital course addressing the common challenge of playing the cello without tension or pain, showcasing her commitment to nurturing and connecting with her diverse audience.

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