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Interview with Heidi and Luke Woodhead (Woodhead Horns)


This interview delves into the intriguing journey of Heidi and Luke Woodhead, distinguished horn repairers and co-founders of Woodhead Horns Ltd. The conversation unravels their transition from professional horn players to adept repairers and, ultimately, creators of their own full double horn. Originating from diverse musical backgrounds, their passion for instrument craftsmanship led them to Paxman Musical Instruments, where they honed their repair skills.

The decision to establish their repair shop, Woodhead Horns Ltd, emerged from Luke’s managerial role at the London Workshop, overseeing the training of repairers and builders. Their success is evident as they handle 15-30 horn repairs weekly and are recognized as premier sellers of secondhand horns. The interview also celebrates the recent launch of their own full double horn, a culmination of dreams nurtured over years. The Woodheads share the challenges and joys encountered during the design and production process, highlighting the instrumental role played by acoustics expert John Chick.

Through meticulous planning and division of responsibilities, Heidi and Luke brought their dream horn, named ‘Woodhead and Woodhead,’ to life. The interview sheds light on the significance of their equal partnership and the hands-on approach, emphasizing their commitment to preserving handcrafted instrument-making traditions in the 21st century. The interview concludes with insights into the initial trials of their horn, garnering positive feedback from renowned horn players like Martin Owen of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

In essence, this interview offers a captivating narrative of passion, dedication, and craftsmanship, portraying the Woodheads as instrumental figures in the world of horn repair and design, whose journey from repairing horns to crafting their own signifies a remarkable contribution to the musical instrument-making landscape.

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