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Sergio Monteiro: “Teaching Has Become Such a Big Part of My Life. You Learn So Much Interacting With New Students”


This interview with renowned pianist Sergio Monteiro provides a comprehensive overview of his musical journey, from early beginnings in Brazil to his current position as the Director of Piano at the Wanda Bass School of Music in Oklahoma City. Monteiro details his formative years studying with influential mentors in Brazil, winning international competitions, and embarking on an enriching period in Europe. The discussion highlights significant milestones in his career, including performances in prestigious venues such as the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires and the Philharmonie in Berlin. Monteiro also shares insights into his role as an educator, emphasizing the joy he finds in guiding young talents and balancing teaching with administrative responsibilities.

The interview delves into Monteiro’s recent undertaking of a concert series featuring Beethoven’s sonatas, exploring the challenges posed by the global pandemic and his commitment to delivering impactful performances with a live audience. Furthermore, the conversation sheds light on Monteiro’s experience as a recording artist with Naxos, detailing the process of preparing for recording sessions and drawing distinctions between live performances and studio recordings. The pianist reflects on the emotional journey of completing a recording, emphasizing the transient nature of live performances and the subsequent rejuvenation that comes with embracing new projects. Overall, Sergio Monteiro’s narrative provides a nuanced perspective on the multifaceted aspects of a musician’s life, encompassing performance, education, and the dynamic interplay between live and recorded expressions of artistry.

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