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Music and its Audience

When speaking about one artform I find it can be useful to view that medium through the lens of another. Having long held an interest in the art of poetry a question lurking in the back of my mind while writing music for ‘(after)’, my ninth album as composer and leader, was tied to an idea discussed on a frequently listened to poetry podcast called ‘Sleerickets’ hosted by poet Matthew Buckley Smith. The question often discussed is: ‘what should a poem be doing for its reader?’ I take this to mean: ‘where should the emotional weight of the poem be felt’ – with the poet who composes the work, or with the reader who takes in that work? I found myself asking this same type of question of my own work as a composer: ‘what do I want the listener to get out of listening to my music?’

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Randolph Lee — “Echoes of Zion” (Mark Masters Series, 2022)

Randy Lee’s Echoes of Zion is a poignant musical journey through the cultural heritage of early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as they embarked on their pioneer odyssey to the untamed American West. With a deeply personal connection to this history, Randy Lee pays tribute to the pioneers’ resilience, faith, and artistic contributions. This review explores the album’s evocative renditions of historical music and its ability to transport listeners back to a time when music was a source of solace, joy, and unity on the untamed frontier.

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