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Transforming Musical Dreams into Reality: The Power of Vision and Action in Music Entrepreneurship


The philosophical article explores the symbiotic relationship between vision and action in the realm of music entrepreneurship. It delves into the concept of vision as a guiding force that goes beyond short-term goals, providing music entrepreneurs with a sense of purpose and a social framework to navigate challenges.

The article emphasizes the importance of a compelling vision in attracting stakeholders, investors, and audiences who align with the narrative and purpose of music entrepreneurs. Additionally, it highlights the transformative power of action in turning aspirations into tangible outcomes, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving abilities.

The authors presents their CREATE framework for integrating vision and action, providing practical steps to bridge the gap between musical aspirations and reality. Moreover, the authors provide implications for music educators to cultivate vision and action among their students. By harmonizing vision and action, music entrepreneurs can create a lasting impact in the dynamic world of music entrepreneurship.

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